31 Days of Grace

Today we are excited to introduce to our family and friends this beautiful message of grace. Several months ago, Mark began writing a devotional based on the Book of Galatians in the Holy Bible. As we studied this book, it became more and more apparent how much courage it must have taken Paul, and the other apostles and followers of Jesus, to walk out this new message of grace – the gospel. To go spread a message to people groups – some Jews, some common people, some followers of the Greek and Roman gods – telling them that the Messiah has come and that it was the only way for people to believe, well I have no doubt that took more courage than we can imagine. To tell the Jews that Jesus was the One they had waited for but now they didn’t have to continue living under the Law of Moses, they didn’t have to earn it; to go to the Gentiles and tell them that they were eligible to believe on that same Jesus; to go to Ephesus and tell them that the gods were not their source of provision; THIS took a faith that can only be found by truly braving grace. Just like we have heard the saying, “oh they are braving the storm,” as we dive into Paul’s letter to the Galatians, and eventually throughout many other books, we will be witnessing what it truly looks like to brave grace. So head over to Day 1 in our devotional and engage with us on social media or in the comments and share your thoughts and testimonies as you join us here at Braving Grace!


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