Braving Grace in Galatians

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Paul is very direct about the gospel truth.  His letter to the the Galatian churches is a great example. They needed directness because they went from believing the true gospel to being drawn back into religion.  We face the same challenge. Whether from internal condemnation in our thoughts or from the world outside, we are challenged to focus on our shortcomings.  We receive the message that we must work our way back into God’s favor. But the word grace means “unmerited favor!” We can’t earn it. And in order to live in the rest and peace of that truth, we must change our understanding.  The purpose of this devotional is to provide a 31-day immersion experience in the grace message so that you can renew your mind to the true gospel.

Day 1
Do you feel trapped in this “present evil age?”  The world around us certainly is a mess… Read More>>
Day 2
There is one gospel.  It is the gospel of the grace of Christ.  It is the too-good-to-be-true news that Jesus did a finished work… Read More>>
Day 3
Paul’s articulation of his calling is so beautiful.  He understood that the purpose of his life… Read More>>
Day 4
Paul’s background was tough.  Before encountering Christ, he did everything in his power to see the church stamped out in its infancy… Read More>>
Day 5
Religious people are confounded by radical grace.  That’s one reason why it is not easy to find the true gospel of grace being preached… Read More>>

Day 6

God shows personal favoritism to no man.  This is a great reminder that grace is equally available to all… Read More>>
Day 7
Grace is an unexpected thing.  We certainly don’t deserve it. Remember that grace means “unmerited favor.”  It makes sense… Read More>>
Day 8
Peter struggled braving grace.  Paul called him out for lacking the courage to live out grace no matter who was around… Read More>>
Day 9
Keeping God’s commandments perfectly is impossible.  There never was an expectation that we would succeed under the law… Read More>>

Day 10

We live in Florida, the land of hurricanes.  When big storms blow through and buildings are damaged or destroyed, rebuilding can take Read More>>

Day 11

Have you ever measured your Christian performance by how well you are keeping rules?  Better yet, have you measured… Read More>>

Day 12

Paul makes a strong statement of clarity in today’s verse.  If we could attain to righteousness through our own efforts… Read More>>
Day 13
Paul has strong words in this passage.  He is writing to people who believed on Jesus for salvation, were drawn to the Father … Read More>>
Day 14
God both supplies the Spirit to us and works miracles among us.  Neither of those things happen because we do enough good works or… Read More>>
Day 15
All of this discussion over the last 14 days about not relating to God through works can be hard to digest.  It goes against everything… Read More>>

Day 16

When we think of the crucifixion of Jesus and how he was in such distress in the garden leading up to His arrest, it is easy to assume… Read More>>

Day 17

If religious rule-keeping isn’t the way to relate to God, then why was the law given?  Paul explains that the law was added… Read More>>

Day 18

We saw in Day 17 that the law was given only until the Seed should come.  We also saw in Day nine that justification is by faith alone… Read More>>
Day 19
In reading verse 26, remember Paul’s purpose in writing this letter.  Religious Jews are working to convince the Galatian Christians… Read More>>
Day 20
In today’s passage, Paul is continuing to drive home his point about growing up.  Being under religion is immature… Read More>>
Day 21
In today’s passage, Paul is reminding the reader of his purpose in writing.  The Galatian churches are straying from grace and allowing… Read More>>

Day 22

In today’s passage, Paul is reminding the Galatians of the great love they showed him when he came to them injured.  It appears that… Read More>>

Day 23

I love the beauty of God’s Word.  We can read something in the Old Testament, then turn to the New Testament and have the Holy… Read More>>

Day 24

Can there be any doubt at this point that those who have faith in Jesus are the true heirs of Abraham?  Paul has made it as clear as it can be… Read More>>
Day 25
We know from yesterday’s reading that we are children of freedom.  Paul goes on to say that once free, stay free! Don’t go back to… Read More>>
Day 26
The Galatians had been off to a good start with the grace message.  Now religion was coming in and messing things up. Paul makes it… Read More>>
Day 27
What is the purpose of the liberty we have in Christ?  It is to love one another. Under religion, loving each other is hard because we get… Read More>>

Day 28

Braving grace does not mean using the freedom we have in Christ to indulge our flesh.  This seems like common sense, but Paul had to… Read More>>

Day 29

We’ve spent a lot of time looking at how we should understand grace for ourselves in order to be free from bondage to religion or the… Read More>>

Day 30

In today’s passage, we see the continuation of Paul’s admonition regarding how to use the freedom we have in Christ.  Grace has given us… Read More>>

Day 31

In closing his letter, Paul summarizes and highlights his main point.  The religious people seeking to lead the Galatian believers astray… Read More>>

Acknowledgements – Many teachers have influenced us and continue to do so. Some of the things we’ve picked up from them have become part of us. We never want to ignore these influencers, though we might not always recall exactly when or where we heard something that prompted anything we share here. Please take note of names like Joseph Prince, Andrew Wommack, and Dan Stallbaum. If we say something that sounds like one of them, chances are there is a seed in us somewhere from their teachings. If you aren’t familiar with them, we recommend that you make the effort to connect with some of their resources.