The book of Hebrews is my favorite in the Bible.  This anonymous letter was penned to a group of Jewish believers who needed to understand the New Covenant in light of the Old.  To that end, we see a point-by-point argument that clarifies from Scripture who Jesus is and that He is greater than all of the figures that these believers have studied in the Old Testament.  

Jesus is greater than angels, who mediated the Old Covenant.  He is greater than Moses, who delivered the Old Covenant.  He is greater than the priests who managed the Old Covenant.  All of the types and shadows that came before are embodied in the person of Jesus and all of the Law fulfilled.  He is the sum Who is so much greater than all of the parts.

Finally, in the book of Hebrews, we see that there is indeed a New Covenant.  Not only is it new, it is also much better, containing better promises.  It all centers on Jesus.  Braving grace begins and ends with Him. 

The goal of this devotional is to get you to read the book of Hebrews for yourself.  Study this letter that so effectively links the Old and New Covenants and unveils Jesus as the scarlet thread woven throughout the entire Bible.  The daily entries aren’t intended as deep dives, but as starting points to help you on your own journey.  Let the Holy Spirit lead as you fix your eyes on the Author and Perfecter of your faith.