Preparing for Christmas

We are excited to help you prepare your hearts to receive rest and revelation during this Christmas season. Jesus is the light of the World, every day, not just on a single day. We encourage you to make an intentional effort to press in a little closer to Jesus through His Word. And don’t wait, just start today!

Here are a couple ways you can prepare this season:

Christmas in Luke

If you are looking for a way to go a little deeper this Christmas season and prepare your heart for a year where you focus more on Jesus and less on hype, dive into Luke each day of December. Make time to do this with a friend or your spouse or children. It is sure to provide sweet connection to Jesus’ heart. The book begins with His birth and ends with His resurrection. Feel free to share in the comments below what the Lord places on your heart as you read Jesus’ story through the eyes Luke.

Use this LINK to connect to to find each chapter of Luke.

Daily Encouragement

Check in daily for a dose of encouragement that will help you prepare your heart for what the Father has in store for you this Christmas. There are many things needed, but yet only One…Jesus! He is the reason for the season.

December 1: Season of Grace

December 2: Seeking Him. Jesus

December 3: Protect Your Peace.

December 4-5: Grace for Distractions

December 6-8: Transformed Christmas

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