A Summer of Braving Grace

Summer is coming in full swing this month. Here at Braving Grace, living in Florida means summer never ended for the most part, but even here we start feeling a heat that can some days feel unbearable. Summer can also be a time of relaxing a little more, slowing things down for family time, and possibly having a break from the normal “school day” routine. If that is the case (heck, even if it isn’t the case), we’d love to invite you to engage in one of our online devotionals. If you’ve never taken the time to dive into a book of the Bible, that time is now. Visit one of our devotionals today and get started! And we’d love to hear from you if you make that commitment. Let us know what you’re learning.

Summer Devotionals

Click on an image below to get started:

Braving Grace in Galatians
Braving Grace in Hebrews
Braving Grace in Ephesians

Summer Reading Plan

If you are looking to accomplish a great reading challenge, head over to our Bible Reading Plan page and get started. It is never too late to start!! You don’t have to wait to make a new year’s resolution to transform your life through reading the Word!

Click on the image below to get started:

Bible Plan

Get started today. Get started tomorrow. Just get started.

We’d love for you to follow us on social media on our Facebook page. Once on our page hit the sign-up button and invite your friends to join us too! Leave a note for us in the comments about what you’re most excited about in your walk with Christ through reading His Word! There is so much to look forward to this summer!

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