Braving Grace in Relationship

Something that hit me the other day is that grace is NOT a Fruit of the Spirit. Grace is in fact the very essence of God, the very nature of Jesus Christ, the absolutely embodiment of the Holy Spirit. If it is in Him we live and move and have our being, then it is likely that the entire reason we need to embrace this radical grace is in order to live at peace with people. That doesn’t mean our interactions with people will always feel warm and fuzzy, but it means we do need to find a way to “live at peace with all men” as much as it depends on our part. Finding peace sometimes means confrontation, and too many times we will shirk away from those moments because we don’t truly understand how to navigate ourselves when there is tension.

In our relationships Braving Grace might look something like this:

Regardless of who is right or who is wrong, we need to determine in our hearts to allow people to be people. I know when I am wrong I appreciate when someone allows me the opportunity to be heard. When we allow others to be real it opens doors to healing in our hearts and in many cases even our physical bodies. That doesn’t mean it won’t get ugly, consider the pruned tree in all of its ugliness. That pruning down to ugly gives way to something more beautiful. That should always be our outlook when dealing with confrontation or difference, that something beautiful can burst forth if we can get past the discomfort of disagreement.

It is very possible our relationships will face some discomfort at times. That is why it is so important to understand grace.

If you find yourself in relational discomfort today ask yourself where you could brave grace with the other person. Where do you need to put trust in the gap? Where do you need to give the benefit of the doubt? Where do you maybe need to see that other person the way Jesus sees them?

I’d love to hear from you! Share your thoughts in the comments below. Or visit our daily devotional to learn more about walking in grace.

Be encouraged. Brave Grace.



One thought on “Braving Grace in Relationship

  1. Love this 🙌🏽

    I remember reading in the book, You’re the Girl for the Job by Jess Connelly that having a “girl tribe” is a buzzword right now.

    As in, you pick your “favorite” people to be with. And it’s sounds so nice and fluffy doesn’t it? 😆

    Yet, it is God that brings us into His community FOR us to help sharpen, strengthen, and grow us all to look more like Him. Community is a gift. And even when sandpaper moments happen, we can embrace them with grace knowing we becoming more like Jesus because of it. 💞


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